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The Bots - All I Really Want


The Bots are one of those bands which have been on the Far Out radar for a while. Slowly displaying a sense of bubbling, boiling rage pent up under adolescent apathy they have been just waiting for the slightest opening to thrust a song full of razor sharp riffs and a self-reckoning currently unmatched. All good reasons then that The Bots and ‘All I Really Want’ is our Track of the Day.

There’s a demanding tone to the sound of the brothers Mikaiah Lei (Lead Vocal, Guitar, Bass), and Anaiah Lei (Drums & Percussions, Backing Vocal), who form LA band The Bots.  Having already supported Blur, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Refused to name a few they may be young but they’re certainly not inexperienced and their demands should most likely be met. ‘All I Really Want’ screams for attention and shuns responsibility proving a perfect recipe for pubescent punk.

Punk is all you could label this track as it denotes the mundanity of modern life and the listlessness that most of society’s youth feels. There’s a blank redundancy present in their lyrics, a redundancy that only comes from screen watching, city living, perfectly describe in ‘All I Really Want’, with every verse setting the scene for the explosion of thrashing guitars that the Buzzcocks style chorus instantly delivers.

Out now, ‘All I Really Want’ is released on the independent FADER label and is part of the duo’s forthcoming LP (having already self-released three records and been part of a couple of Warped Tours) Pink Palms which is due out on October 14th. More importantly though, it’s the sound of America’s youth screaming in unison, not for world peace, climate change or the fall of capitalism but love, lust and hedonism.

Let’s face it, it’s all we really want as well.


Jack Whatley