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The one James Bond scene that ‘haunts’ Daniel Craig

Some of the most iconic moments in British cinema history have arrived in features with everyone’s favourite Secret Service double agent, James Bond, on screen. For instance, take Roger Moore skiing off a cliff edge without a parachute in 1977’s The Spy Who Loved Me – which is certainly Norwich Disc Jockey Alan Partridge’s favourite Bond moment.

Though it’s not the only time Moore’s Bond has tumbled through the air without the safety of a parachute, he also jumped out of an aeroplane without a ‘chute when in pursuit of a villain in Moonraker (1979).

One of the most referred to scenes in Bond’s history came in 1962 in the first feature-length Bond film, Dr. No, when Sean Connery delivered not just one of the best lines in the series, but arguably the ultimate line when he purred, “Bond, James Bond”, which led to years of imitation.

Countless other Bond moments will go down in cinema history, say, Bond in Goldfinger (1964) and the torture scene with the laser aiming at his crown jewels (“No, Mr. Body, I expect you to die!”). Then there’s the train fight in From Russia with Love (1963), the tank car chase in 1995’s Goldeneye, and the emotional shower scene in Casino Royale (2006), in which we see a more sensitive side to the traditionally ice-cool agent.

In Casino Royale, we were also afforded arguably the most iconic Bond scene of the 21st Century. I am, of course, talking of Daniel Craig’s Bond emerging from the sea in the shortest of shorts, looking just about as ripped as possible when you are away from the gym most of the year on tactical espionage.

Yet it may come as some surprise to discover that the scene was not actually shot as it had originally been scripted. Daniel Craig has previously revealed as much and added that the scene has haunted him ever since.

“It was actually by accident,“ Craig admitted. “Where we filmed, off the Bahamas, it’s just one of those places where there is a sand shelf and the sand shelf happens to be three feet deep. Because the idea was, I was supposed to swim in and sort of float off, but I swim in and stand up. And it was just one of those things.”

“It was going through my mind … as I did it, I went, ‘Oh fuck.’ But I didn’t realize the repercussions of it. I had no idea I would be haunted by it for the rest of my life.”

Though the scene may have ‘haunted’ Craig, it’s a pretty good one to be haunted by. A very convenient ‘mistake’, it seems. Rather that than cock up one of your lines that gets kept in the final cut. However, I do also sense just a hint of modesty in the words of the Layer Cake actor here.

Craig’s performance in Casino Royale was once praised by former 007 Roger Moore, who drew attention to the famous scene when he was asked who would win in a fight between all the Bonds. Moore said, “I think Daniel Craig is the hardest — and Sean [Connery]. [But] I think Daniel Craig would. See, Sean didn’t come out of the sea in a bikini like Ursula Andress. And nobody’s done it like Craig coming out of the water.”