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Black Lips share ‘Occidental Front’ featuring Yoko Ono and Saul Adamczewski


With their new LP Satan’s Graffiti or God’s Art? due out on Friday (5th May), their first in three years, there has been a great deal of excitement in the office for any glimpse of the album. How happy we were then to receive the tip-off that new single ‘Occidental Front’ is available to stream now.

The new album sees Sean Lennon Ono at the mixing desk, adding his own brand of chaotic, spaghetti western to the fray and also some unlikely feature artists. The new song is one of these tracks to be blessed by something ethereal, though probably not so ethereal to Sean. The track of course features Yoko Ono as well as Saul Adamczewski to add another degree of magnificence.

‘occidental Front’ leaves us reeling for more. Sounding as fresh as when they first broke the scene and determined the genre of ‘flower punk’, something they still carry on today, the new song shouts of promise for the upcoming album.

Perhaps we’ve already heard it, perhaps it’s really good and perhaps we will tell you more on Thursday.