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Credit: Y2KCrazyJoker

"Do you need a record contract?" | The Black Keys open up about the record industry on the Joe Rogan podcast

If you’ve not heard about ex-Fear Factor presenter and top comedian Joe Rogan’s podcast then you should probably open up YouTube once in a while. The entertainer has created a podcast with millions upon millions of subscribers. His recent guest Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys opened up about the music industry after returning from a few years off the musical path.

In the podcast, Carney opens up about the inner workings of the record industry suggesting that the company you keep as a young band is vital to making sure that your band is successful. He also launches an attack on the “metrics” of the industry.

Rogan though, ever the optimist and podcast pusher suggests that the band should create “Dan and Patrick: On The Road” a new podcast to help expose new bands to the masses. While The Black Keys are a little hesitant they continue to push the idea of being an independent band.

It seemingly all stems from the band finding it difficult to get the backing they assumed they would as such a big rock act. “Certain labels are willing to give a Soundcloud rapper $15 million dollars, you know, but they look at a band and they can’t qualify their metrics. They don’t give a shit”.

Later Carney then shows the predatory nature of the record industry after Rogan asks what a record label actually does for a young artist. Carney responds: “They scare you. They scare you into handing over the shit that they need” Rogan responds “and then sign you into a long term contract” when Auerbach intersects “and then they pray you have a hit”.

It’s an astonishingly honest interview with a band who are about to release a brand new record. Listen to the full podcast below.