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(Credit: Claude-Étienne Armingaud)

The Black Crowes tease a reunion after five-year hiatus


The Black Crowes, the rock band formed in 1984 but split in 2015, are teasing a reunion with a string of cryptic messages.

The band’s break up was a messy one with brothers Chris and Rich Robinson coming to blows after disagreeing on compensation for their longtime drummer Steve Gorman and, given the severity of their dispute, Rich Robinson said that he didn’t “have a brother anymore” only 12 months ago.

Now though, the band has updated their social media channels with their iconic cartoon logo — a symbol which has been mysteriously spotted on billboards located around Milwaukee, Wisconsin, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. It comes as reports that the band have signed a major deal with Live Nation for a series of comeback shows in 2020.

In an interview with Wall Street Journal a few weeks ago, founding drummer Gorman claimed that he had heard the Gorman brothers were planning on making a comeback but insisted that he has not been contacted about a possible reunion and, according to him, the brothers are not looking to work with the past collaborators.

“They’re not about to [ask me to take part in a reunion tour],” the drummer said in radio station WBAB. “They’re not about to say, ‘We wanna give up money’. I mean, that’s what this tour is about. When you’re booking a tour before you have a band, you’re not booking a tour for musical connectedness and satisfaction.

“That said, they have every right to do it, and I don’t begrudge anybody that can make a living playing music, especially songs they wrote. But they’re not considering that at all.”

Gorman added: “I think they’re in a place where, I would imagine, they’re not interested in having anybody from the past work with them. It just makes it cleaner and easier, because to bring people back to do it right, you have a lot of explaining to do, you have a lot of apologising to do, and you’ve gotta make up for a lot of damage you’ve caused.

“I don’t think either one of those guys has any interest in those steps; they just wanna go get what they need.”

The last live performance from the Black Crowes came in 2014, a year prior to their break up.