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(Credit: The Big Moon)

The Big Moon share 'It's Easy Then', their first new material in two years

Oh, how we’ve missed you The Big Moon! Arriving into our lives in 2017 with the kind of fizzing, life-giving energy that one normally finds in a glass of hungover Berocca, the band are back. And back with a bang, ‘It’s Easy Then’, their new song, is our Track of the Day.

With their Mercury Prize-nominated album Love in the 4th Dimension now firmly in the rearview mirror, The Big Moon have got their eyes set on the road and the horizon ahead, with a tightening grip on a steering wheel pushing the band in a slightly new direction, this is a road trip we all want to be on.

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‘It’s Easy then’ is the first nudge of the wheel (we promise that’s the last driving metaphor) for the band as they start to explore a differing sound from the one which endeared them so sweetly to our hearts. While none of the energy is lost, there is a definite change of lyrical focus and a clear need to feel authentic.

Explaining the track, vocalist and lyricist Juliette Jackson revealed: “It’s Easy Then is really about finding strength in strange times. We work too much, we think too much, we know too much so we all worry too much. Our anxieties are stoked every day. Music has this incredible way of helping us see with a new perspective, and ties up our feelings in a way that language by itself never could. I wanted to write a song that made me feel better. Something that captured the frustrations, but also the hope and joy all at the same time.”

The song is yet another string in the bow of The Big Moon and with a big year ahead of them we’re already getting greedy for the new album!

Listen to our Track of the Day, The Big Moon’s ‘It’s Easy Then’, below.