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The Big Moon release new single ‘Pull The other One’


The Big Moon are pretty damn untouchable when it comes to the indie-pop-banger genre. Their recently released album Love in the 4th Dimension was one of the highlights of the year so far and namely because of the aforementioned banging of indie pop. Their latest release marks yet another thud of the drum, as ‘Pull The other One’ pulls no punches.

Guitar driven and full of the charm and wit that made the band so enticing is again prevalent on ‘Pull The Other One’, The Big Moon using their girl-gang fun to full affect. But to just align this track to something trivial and ‘fun’ would be a discredit to the clever and wry lyricism seen on all their songs.

Yes, they may have a touch of the candy floss to them but they do so with a strong nugget of gold in the middle of each batch. A Britpop beauty, the newest track just shows why this album has to be on the listicles of the latter end of the year – and near the damn top as well.