The Big Moon - Nothing Without You


The Big Moon are a favourite of ours in the office. Their attitude, delivery, and most importantly their sound, seems to typify a section of our culture. It’s not as pastiche as riot grrl and it’s far from princess rock – it settles somewhere in the middle. The effortless, cooler than a nun in sunnies, middle. ‘Nothing Without You’ is our Track of the Day.

Jackson’s vocal is near-perfect for this middling melody. It is obtuse and rich, like the eyes of someone in Dawson’s Creek when they remember their emotional pain. ‘Nothing Without You’ is complimented by this as it moves between tight rhythmic verses and a lackadaisical chorus which threatens to prang out.

But instead the track pounds back in to life like an old motor and flourishes before abruptly ending. It strikes similarities between the song’s subject itself and provides a classic love song format without the gush and pretense.

The Big Moon look like they will be selling out their own tours soon enough but before that they take part in the NEU tour, catch them around the country now.