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The Big Moon leave us love-struck with ‘Cupid’


Another release and another hit from The Big Moon, a band capable of delivering more summer slammers than a frat boy with a penchant for tequilas, but a lot more fun. The latest effort to fit the bill is ‘Cupid’ and we have fallen in love just as easily as the chorus remains in your head.

The track takes The Big Moon blueprint of heavy riffs atop a shiny pop nuance and runs with it, screaming all the way. The song shows of the band with obvious 90’s raucousness with a devilish hint of pop buried beneath, it sounds like next year’s indie cult classic and it will likely remain in your head until then.

With an endless summer of festivals ahead these songs are soon going to build in to one of the standout sets of the season, along with a little swag the band may become the standout artist of the year.