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(Credit: IMAX Cinemas)


The Beatles’ iconic rooftop concert to screen in IMAX cinemas

If you were enraptured with the sprawling epic scale of Peter Jackson’s The Beatles: Get Back docuseries – just like many of us were this holiday season – but wished that the monumental undertaking could somehow have been even bigger, then have no fear!

That’s because the climax of the docuseries, The Beatles’ rooftop concert featuring Billy Preston, will now come to IMAX theatres around America for one night only. To celebrate the event’s 53rd anniversary, the rooftop concert will be shown in its entirety on January 30th.

“I’m thrilled that the rooftop concert from The Beatles: Get Back is going to be experienced in IMAX, on that huge screen,” Jackson said in a statement. “It’s The Beatles’ last concert, and it’s the absolute perfect way to see and hear it.”

“Ever since Peter Jackson’s beautiful and illuminating docuseries debuted, we’ve heard non-stop from fans who want to experience its unforgettable rooftop performance in IMAX,” says Megan Colligan, president of IMAX Entertainment. “We are so excited to partner with Disney to bring Get Back to an entirely new stage and give Beatles fans everywhere a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch and hear their heroes in the unrivalled sight and sound of IMAX.”

The film will feature the entire 42-minute concert, followed by a Q+A with Jackson simulcast to all IMAX theatres across the country. If you’re from a country that isn’t the United States and you’re desperate to see this experience for yourself, then book your flight now – currently screenings are only happening in the US.

You can check out information on the screening and see if one is happening near you at the link here. If you can’t make it to the US, then perhaps you can just watch the concert of Disney+ (or most of it on Vimeo, if you be cool and don’t tell anyone).