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(Credit: NBC/YouTube)

This genius 2-year-old can correctly name 21 Beatles songs in two minutes


There are certain points in life when genius is unmistakable. A moment, perhaps, when a child star reveals his brilliance, a pivotal sign that separates them from the rest, destined for greatness.

For Walter, the two-year-old boy with an ear for music like no other tiny little human, it was the ability to correctly name 21 different Beatles songs in just two minutes with an adorable excitement and joy.

“When our son Walter isn’t jamming on the drums to Abbey Road, he’s strumming the uke to Rubber Soul,” Eli Bolin, the father of the child genius explained. “Walter even asks for ‘Beatles Bedtime Stories’ which are stories we make up about the Beatles coming to our house to ask Walter to join the band and give them ideas for songs.

“Walter currently claims that he wrote ‘Day Tripper’ and ‘Paperback Writer’, not Lennon and McCartney. On a recent drive, we flipped through the Beatles’ 1 Album, trying to get Walter to name as many Beatles’ songs as he could, as fast as he could. This is what happened.”

If you’re still a terrible person and continue to doubt Walter’s genius, his father went on to reveal: “Right before ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand‘, Walter starts to say ‘Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand’, which is the little-known German-language version of the song which he is also totally obsessed with.”

Mindblowing. See the clip, below.