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Credit: Beach Boys


The Beach Boys hint at 60th-anniversary reunion


The surviving members of The Beach Boys have talked up the chances of the band reuniting once again in 2021 for what would be a 60th-anniversary tour.

The legendary pop band, who formed in 1961, have been touring as two separate entities since the end of their 50th-anniversary tour back in 2012 after Brian Wilson was unceremoniously dumped by Mike Love.

Mike Love has now said he would be interested in reuniting with his bandmates for a 60th-anniversary tour next year and bringing the two different groups together once more.

Talk of a reunion first surfaced in March when Al Jardine told Chicago Concert Reviews that another reunion tour was a strong possibility. “Oh, it will happen,” he said. We’ll probably do about 20 or 30 [shows] together next year.”

Love has now added fuel to the fire by telling Rolling Stone: “He and I have spoken, but not about that specifically. Al’s a really good singer, but he’s been travelling and performing with Brian Wilson, [and] Brian has some serious health issues. 

“We are in a very fortunate and blessed position to be able to do music for a lifetime. It’s pretty amazing. I can remember when my cousin Brian was a young boy. He sang ‘Danny Boy’ sitting on my Grandma Wilson’s lap. So that’s how far back we go musically.”

However, Brian Wilson has yet to comment publicly on the possibility of another reunion. “No one has spoken to Brian about a 60th Anniversary tour,” Wilson’s manager, Jean Sievers, told Rolling Stone.