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The Band Down Under: Jimmy Chang Hot Tuna

We’re bringing you the best talent form Down Under as we scour the red rock for the best new music and underground gems. Our man Jimmy Cass is casting his beady eye across the musical landscape of the newest scene, and giving you a hefty heap of bands to watch out for.

He’s starting with Melbourne’s own Jimmy Chang Hot Tuna.

Jimmy Chang is a producer and musician hailing from Melbourne via Perth. He’s just released a new record ‘The Original Changster EP’ hot on the heels of his previous release ‘Changwave EP’. Both of which channel a clouded heat and with each track promising to be wavier than the last they are sure fire summer jams. 

His blissed out production style serves as the perfect platform for his own hazy psychedelic stoner pop. It’s rich textures can probably be attributed to the fact this was recorded, mixed and mastered largely by Chang himself, albeit with some help from bassist Ash Briody of ‘The Beegles’ and drummer Will Holden.

Curious to know how the visuals and music came about for his latest single ‘Rack Mansion’, Far Out caught up with Chang for a chat about what he’s doing.

How did the Idea for the clip come about?

I met up with the director Sam Mappelbeck and we talked it out and came up with some ideas. The song is called ‘Rack Mansion’ so we wanted to transform my place into a fiendish, colorful, druggo dream pad. Pretty much everything in the clip is how it looked on the night, then a few sneaky edits to tie some bits together. 

It’s a relatively short clip but filmed in one take, how long did it take to set up and get right?

Yeah man it was a bit of a process! We did it all in one night. There was quite a lot of running around and set up time getting all the lights and projections right. I Think we did about 14 takes all up and I had a line and a joint in every one … they weren’t props either so I was quite cooked by the end of it. To be honest I didn’t want it to end haha

You’ve made a couple of records before this release is there anything you did differently on these sessions to previous ones?

Yes many things actually! Compared to the other releases this one was a lot more analog. I acquired a nice collection of synths, outboard effects and some other toys. I tried keeping out of the computer world as much as I could, instead just using it to put on the finishing touches.

How do you enjoy working mainly on your own?

I actually find it extremely productive and almost therapeutic working on all the songs in my own time. Always hit a few roadblocks along the way, but I have a lot of fun staying up late, getting super blazed and just having a hoon. But the songs that didn’t make the cut I will probably take to my band to flesh out. We’ll definitely be doing a live album in the not too distant future.

Check out Jimmy Chang Hot Tunas Video Rack Mansion Below…. 


Jimmy Cass