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(Credit: Grant Spanier)


The Avalanches share 'Divine Chord' with MGMT and Johnny Marr

The Avalanches - 'The Divine Chord'

The Avalanches have shared the video for their exquisite new track, ‘The Divine Chord’, which sees the Australians’ team up with the delectable MGMT and Johnny Marr.

The band recently released their third album, We Will Always Love You, on December 11th and the eclectic record was released almost 20 years to the day since their debut. Their debut effort, Since I Left You, is rightly seen as a masterpiece before fans were forced to wait patiently for 16 years before they released their sophomore effort, Wildflower. Thankfully, the wait wasn’t quite as torturous this time around.

The album features an all-star cast, with names like Karen O, Mick Jones, Kurt Vile, Jamie XX, Leon Bridges, Blood Orange and Denzel Curry but the latest single with MGMT and Johnny Marr might perhaps be the highlight from the record.

“We had a discussion at the start of the third album,” the group’s Robbie Chater told NME Australia. “If we make another record like the first two, even if it’s amazing, it’s still the same as the first two. People know what they’re gonna get.”

Chater adds: “With this album, we got to have this experience with these amazing people – heroes of ours like Cornelius – days of laughing and making music. It doesn’t matter what happens with this record once it’s released because we had a great fucking time making it.”

The band swapped the sampling culture that their first two records were embedded in, opting instead for collaboration. Although they still used hundreds of samples across the record, these were fragmented into tiny little parts over the course of the album, and the amalgamation of these samples helped form something brand new. Every artist who features in the record is somebody who fully understood what The Avalanches wanted to create and the Australian’s weren’t bothered by star power.

The collaboration with Johnny Marr and MGMT is a cosmic trip of the highest calibre, the vocals which are delivered by Andrew VanWyngarden slides in so effortlessly into the fantastical world that The Avalanches have created and is utterly heavenly. The track allows you to escape into a beautiful daydream and forces your mind to take a walk to the magical location where We Will Always Love You lives.

Check out the visuals, below.