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The Aquadolls - So High


‘So High’ is very much what it says on the tin. Born out of the sunshine dreams of lovelorn teens, it screams with poetic poignancy and ambiguous ambivalence. It’s conception from The Aquadolls fronted by the imperiously effervescent Melissa Brooks is something tinged with pscyhedelia and drenched in warmth and pure-hearted youth. It’s a beautiful Track of the Day.

It’s hard not to be drawn in by the heart-plucking vocals from Brooks as she toys with her protagonist so gently and recalls times spent ‘So High’ dancing in the street, looking at the sky and falling in love.

Taken from the recently released Stoked On You the bubblegum charm of this band is plain for all to see be it from the honeyed vocals or the delicate chimes in the background. The sweetness is somewhat grounded though by the strength of the guitar which strums past like an old Studebaker, ever-present and growling.

There’s something very charming about this track, released on Burger Records (they don’t often make a mistake), we are sure to see more of The Aquadolls in the future.


Jack Whatley