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The Amy Winehouse song George Michael couldn't live without


George Michael was a highly unique and memorable artist—a fact that goes undisputed with his vast array of hits and the longevity of his career all paling in comparison to his wondrous talent and personable warmth. Sonically, from his time in Wham! to his solo career, his songs have cemented themselves in the cultural consciousness.

When it comes to George Michael’s life and his inspirations, there is plenty of material to go off if you’re curious about the kinds of music he treasured. In fact, when he went on Desert Island Discs with BBC Radio 4 in 2007, he named a ton of his top choices. From Nirvana to Pet Shop Boys, George Michael clearly had some varied and intriguing tastes, and that includes the track he kicked off his Desert Island Discs session with.

One of the top songs he couldn’t live without? The bluesy, soulful, creative tune by Amy Winehouse, ‘Love Is a Losing Game’. He said of the song, “This is the best female vocalist I’ve heard in my entire career, and one of the best writers.”

His next statements continue with a beam of hope for the future of her career (as this was recorded before her tragic passing), “So, all I can say is, please please understand how brilliant you are. And I wish her every success in the future. And I know she can get past the media. I don’t know if she can get past…other things, but, she’s a fantastic talent, and we should support her.”

It’s almost haunting to hear him speak on the future her career could have had, and the way he so acutely observed the way the media piled on top of her other struggles. As he discussed in the opening, he dealt with a lot of the same issues in his own life, so he probably felt a sense of kinship with the young artist and felt a great deal of sympathy for what she was going through, especially in such a public way.

He speaks to the ways he relates to this after they play the song, “I have a huge propensity for guilt…and I think I finally realized one of the reasons my life has been so extreme and has felt so, in some ways, self-destructive, is that, it sounds arrogant, but I never had any feeling that my talent was never going to let me down…I think in a strange way I’ve spent much of the last 15 or 20 years trying to derail my own career because it never seems to suffer. I suffer like crazy, I suffer all around it…In some ways, I resent that.”

Even though Amy Winehouse and George Michael are no longer around, they both share the fact that their legacy will always live on, as their talent won’t let them down. If you want to listen to the Amy Winehouse classic ‘Love Is a Losing Game’, you can check it out down below.