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The Amazing Snakeheads - Here It Comes Again


A little birdie told me that when The Amazing Snakeheads recorded their album recently they exclusively performed at night, something irrevocably obvious in Here It Comes Again full of the twitching, dangerous dusk we are pounded by riff upon filthy, stinking riff and before morning comes you will be a part of it. Welcome to Thursday’s Track Of The Day.

A pulsating bass line is the key part of the track, unrelenting yet efficient it describes the darkening world around with only minimal thudding and maximum rhythm. Marred and scarred by the fantastically wretching vocals, we are left wondering just how many litres of blood poured from Dale’s mouth as he tortured his way through the song.

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The pounding bass and razor blade vocals are matched by the fervent and furious riffs which call this track their home. They are jagged and coarse without flourish or fancifulness, these riffs are frank and to the point; remorseless and unreserved which, i’m sure you will agree, make this one of the most exciting rock songs for a long while.

Where a lot of bands of late are gleaning for the glamour of 70’s spangled rock and roll The Amazing Snakeheads with Here It Comes Again are showing their fearless attitude towards the industry. They are unwilling to bend towards pressure and have consistently delivered a paranoid and dimly lit sound with enough energy to make the Duracell bunny weep, something that has been missing from the scene for a long time. 


Jack Whatley