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(Credit: Markus Hillgärtner)


The 1975 open up about 'The Birthday Party' in new podcast

The 1975’s Matty Healy and George Daniel have both opened up about ‘The Birthday Party’ taken from Notes On A Conditional Form and revealed the emotional significance of the track.

The duo, making an appearance on the Song Exploder podcast, also shared early iPhone acoustic recordings of the track as they documented the evolution into the beast that featured on the band’s chart-topping record.

Healy explained that he wrote the song at a turbulent time as a relationship came to a close after he relapsed for the first time since exiting rehab. “Everything felt like it was drawing to end in a natural way. You put it into a song and it becomes romantic and exciting, but all those things are boring and sad in reality, he said

“I try and make art out of the boring, sad parts of my life because it’s better than them being boring and sad. It’s about being my age, which isn’t old and isn’t a teenager and just reflecting on the nuances of what it’s like being that age. Some people are still emotionally immature, some are moving further away into adulthood and you are,” Healy added.

Listen to the podcast, below.