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Credit: Jordan Hughes


The 1975 will hold a listening party of their self-titled debut album


The 1975 have confirmed they will be holding a listening party for their debut self-titled album this week.

The group to their social media to share the news and has stoked the fires of a strong fandom with the announcement as the group reflect on their seminal record.

Though it’s not entirely sure where the band will be hosting their listening party it is sure to attract thousands of them. The band’s debut LP was a watershed moment for the Matty Healy fronted band.

Taking place on Friday 1st May at 7pm the group announced the plans on their social media alongside the artwork for their 2013 record. “// A L B U M 1 – L I S T E N I N G P A R T Y – F R I D A Y 7 P M B S T // L O V E,” the group captioned the post.

The album came out on Dirty Hit Records to a wild reception that has never truly subsided since. Featuring ‘Sex’, ‘Girls’, ‘Settle Down’, ‘Robbers’ and ‘Heart Out,’ the album is a standout of pop culture of the last decade.