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That brat Rat Boy is at it again with ‘Get Over It’


Rat Boy is back at it again with a heavy loop track, splashed with a hooky chorus and a fast-paced spit of lyrics on his new song ‘Get Over It’. Happy sounds with angsty lyrics is what Rat Boy is known for and he doesn’t disappoint on this latest cut.

There’s a touch of Beck and of course Jamie T to ‘Get Over It’. That’s a sentence that by the sounds of it will annoy Rat Boy as he proclaims he is “sick of comparisons” and “get over it or if you in to it, just go with it”.

A pop-tinged track flecked with all manner of other influences this song will draw comparisons naturally but the more important thing is just how catchy it is. You’ll be hearing this song at parties for the foreseeable, we can guarantee that.