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Watch Thao cover Björk’s ‘Human Behaviour’ for Mental Health Awareness Week


Thao has shared a cover of Björk’s classic Debut single ‘Human Behaviour’ for Mental Health Awareness Week.

For the cover, Thao teamed up with the charity Sounds of Saving to deliver a stirring rendition of a classic that can hopefully raise awareness and funds for the charity and the importance of mindfulness.

As Thao told Stereogum: “I chose Bjork’s ‘Human Behaviour’ because to me it marks a renewal and a revival of my own interest in music, in my own recommitment to the joy of music.”

The emerging artist continued: “Growing up, most of the access to music I had was only the radio. I didn’t have an in to music that wasn’t easily accessible to me, you know?”

Before concluding: “And so to choose a song that I don’t know that well by an artist that I don’t know that well, but whose energy and whose commitment and devotion to music is so well known, it was a great opportunity to embody the difference that I’m looking for.”

You can check out the cover in conjunction with Sounds of Saving – which looks to promote mental wellbeing via a connection to music – below. 

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