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Texas share new disco-tastic single 'Mr. Haze'


The legendary Glasgow band Texas have released a new single, ‘Mr. Haze’, which will be featured on their new album, Hi.

“Our excitement at finding this treasure trove of songs collided with our excitement back then and, unplanned, new songs started coming,” band leader Sharleen Spiteri says. “You could say we were inspired by ourselves!”

Lord knows Texas have enough of a back catalogue to inspire themselves. Hi will be the band’s eleventh album, and the group has gone through more sonic makeovers than I could possibly list here. All the way back in 1989, the band’s debut Southside was techno way by way of Mississippi blues. Since then, a new Texas album has generally reflected the times: the mainstream R&B pop of 1997’s White on Blonde, the Big Beat embrace of 1999’s The Hush, or the lo-fi indie-pop of 2017’s Jump On Board. Whatever the modern musical flavour is, Texas seem to have a pretty good grasp on how to use it and not embarrass themselves. They don’t sound like an old band, which is strange considering they’re more than 30 years into their career.

Actually, I take that back: they do sound like an old band on ‘Mr. Haze’. Not a “we’re a bunch of 50-year-olds trying to make music for teenagers” kind of old, but a “we want to sound like the perfect intersection of soul and disco” old. In it, there is a primal 1977 energy on ‘Mr. Soul’. Spiteri’s voice, as adaptable as ever, harkens back to the harmonies of girl groups and classic soul revues. The record sounds like it’s playing on an eternal loop in the Studio 54 bathroom, all four to the floor beats and artificial strings intact from their original inspirations.

Check out ‘Mr. Haze’ down, below. Hi does not have a set release date yet.