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Credit: YouTube

Legendary rock and roll photographer Terry O'Neill has died age 81

The rock and roll world is in mourning today after it was announced that the iconic photographer Terry O’ Neil had passed away age 81. The photographer was famed for his shots of David Bowie, The Beatles, Rolling Stones and so much more.

O’Neill worked with everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Mick Jagger and was known for his iconic images of some of the swinging sixties brightest stars. He worked particularly closely with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and was seen as a photo diarist of those creative times. He said in a later interview, “I could go out and create my own world, there was no other time like it.”

His legend continued as he went on to work with David Bowie, taking the brilliant ‘Diamond Dogs’ image, and even working with Amy Winehouse to capture the singer’s inner beauty. All of which recently earned him a CBE which was presented to him by Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge.

O’ Neill had previously been diagnosed with prostate cancer before his death. Iconic Images released a statement on the O’Neill’s passing: “It is with a heavy heart that Iconic Images announces the passing of Terence ‘Terry’ O’Neill, CBE. Terry was a class act, quick-witted and filled with charm. Anyone who was lucky enough to know or work with him can attest to his generosity and modesty.

“As one of the most iconic photographers of the last 60 years, his legendary pictures will forever remain imprinted in our memories as well as in our hearts and minds.”

Terry O’Neill captured the images of some of the world’s most iconic faces. From Winston Churchill to Frank Sinatra from Elton John and Liza Minelli to even the Queen of England.

He will be forever remembered as one of the bastions of creativity and photographic skill. O’Neill’s work is a shining light of one of the most influential voices in rock and roll.