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(Credit: Greg2600 / Wikimedia)


Terry Gilliam is adapting a long-lost Stanley Kubrick film idea


The critically acclaimed director Terry Gilliam has been working on an adaptation of a long-lost Stanley Kubrick film concept.

Gilliam, famed for his work on projects such as Brazil, 12 Monkeys, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and more, has explained that he has been working extensively on a film inspired by an idea concocted Stanley Kubrick.

While the specific details of the film remain unknown, Gilliam confirmed that he has a script and cast established for the yet-untitled project. However, much like many of the ongoing projects running within the film industry at the moment, the current health crisis put a stop to progress.

“I was doing a film that was originally an idea by Stanley Kubrick,” Gilliam said of the Kubrick-inspired project as part of a new interview with the Ventotene Film Festival. “There was a script and I had a cast, but the lockdown has ruined everything,” he added.

The plan to pick up a Kubrick effort would arrive as an opportunity to fill missed chances after Gilliam was lined up to create a sequel to Dr. Strangelove titled Son of Strangelove in 1995 but Kubrick’s death put an end to plans. “I never knew about [the project] until after [Kubrick] died but I would have loved to,” Gilliam once commented.

While solid plans were established, and the fact that Gilliam had planned to start filming in September, it remains unknown if he will pick up the plans after the pandemic has come to an end.

Elsewhere in the interview, the filmmaker discusses how life during a UK lockdown has significantly altered his outlook on storytelling: “The problem is the world has become so bizarre that what we thought was satire has become reality, so I don’t even know how to deal with the world anymore.”

Gilliam added: “In 2016 I finally got 100% British citizenship, no longer any American, totally British, which I felt meant I was now 100% European. And 2016 is when Britain decided to leave the European Union. It’s crazy. I’m stuck in a country that’s not going to be European, and I want to be very much a part of Europe.”

Given his dismay at the political landscape, Gilliam offered his own take on the United States: “America is closed down,” he said. “Trump has destroyed America.”