Temples - The Lexington


A Monday night normally means a biccy, a cuppa and your favourite piece of mindless T.V but with one of the hottest new bands in Britain set to take the remarkably intimate stage of The Lexington, Monday night meant sultry, sexy seventies style sounds – also known as a big night out.

Being a ‘poser’ is fine, if you live it. Temples are most definitely posers but as seen in their gaunt cheekbones and pouting lips they really do live it. Bringing a seventies sound full of romp and heavy drums it’s easy to see why Temples are currently some very influential icon’s “favourite new band”.

James Bagshaw and his band of long haired lovers waltzed on stage with a swagger and cock-sure strut normally reserved for rock royalty but managed to back this up with a whole host of tunes to blow your socks off. Bagshaw, in particular wields his guitar like a mason’s hammer and chisel as he carves out piece after piece of solid British rock; it’s almost as dangerous as that permanent pout.

Sometimes resembling Led Zepplin in their stadium era they wooed and courted the 200-strong crowd with glitter eyes and a Marc Bolan pout. The T-Rex resemblance does run through the band as well with the sound being distinctly rock but with enough funk and dancing edge to keep the crowd bopping. They entertained and swayed the crowd which ever way they pleased with Warmsley’s driving bass Tom’s throbbing drums and the ever present organ of Smith, Temples create a driving rhythm that can take your mind on a very interesting trip.


Tracks like Shelter Song and Prisms are sure to please most on their festival circuit this year and with such an all encompassing sound that can both blow your mind and move your hips; Temples will be around for a while.