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Temple Songs - Point Of Origin


Temple Songs, apart from the unfortunate preference in name (Not sure if you’ve heard of another outfit that’s dedicated their title to a place of worship?), they really haven’t put a foot wrong since they came careering out of the city of Manchester, and subsequently down our ear holes, around a year ago – having recently supported Drenge, Childhood et al in numerous venues up and down the country.

Back then, front man Jolan Lewis and his effervescent band of quirky 60s pop infused rockers subjected us to both the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde side of their musical personalities; the wicked, fret smoking and rhythmically macabre  ‘Passed Caring’ announced Temple Songs as raucous forced to be reckoned, both on record and on stage, where as ‘I Can’t Look After You’, though tainted with malevolence and personal affliction and, may I add, a wonderful Byrds esque riff, portrayed that pop sensibility of yesteryear the band are so seemingly inspired by.

Now, that brings us to our Track of the Day ‘Point Of Origin’, definitely another of the band’s Mr Hyde creations but a glorious song nonetheless. Released March 13th on London based independent label RIP Records, I get the feeling that Point Of Origin may just end up being one of the tunes of our Summer. Do enjoy, we will.

Temple Songs have a few upcoming gigs toward the end of the month, before heading into the Yorkshire hills to play one of the UK’s finest festivals, Beacons in August and the ever ascending Liverpool Psyche Festival in September.