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Telegram - Aeons

Telegram have come back with their own blend of Barrett and Krautrock inspired sound to splash across our Monday morning with ‘Aeons’ their latest release and our Track of the Day.

Since their inception in 2013 its been a weird old ride for Telegram, they came out with the kind of star spangled intensity that Temples tried to achieve, they added the grit to the glammed up psyche that permeated the year. Since then though it’s all been a bit dark matter instead of starry skies.

‘Aeons’ is only their third single released via their own label Gram Gram records but as the guitar kicks in above Saunders rolling vocals you see that Telegram have not been hiding away. No, they’ve been honing their skills in the dark space of time.

Keep your ear to the ground for Telegram, they aren’t the loudest self-promoters, what they are though is a fucking ace band.