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Tekashi 6ix9ine pleads guilty and could face 47 years in prison


Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine has pleaded guilty to nine counts in a sensational turnaround.

The rapper, real Daniel Hernandez, has confessed to being a member of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods and, at one point, admitting that he “paid a person to shoot at a rival” gang member in a bid to scare him.

“I did this to maintain or increase my own standing in Nine Trey,” Tekashi 6ix9ine told the judge before adding that he took part in “shooting at people, robbing people and, at times, drug trafficking.”

All of this comes after claims that Tekashi 6ix9ine has become a “snitch” in acting as a Federal Informant in order to reduce a sentence at this moment stands at a minimum 47 years in prison. It remains to be seen if his alleged corporation with the investigation will amount to a reduced sentence.

All of this coming as Tekashi 6ix9ine Lance Lazzaro initially proclaimed that his client was “completely innocent” of the charges which have been brought against him and added that the rapper was nothing more than “an entertainer who portrays a ‘gangster image’ to promote his music does not make him a member of an enterprise.”

6ix9ine has confessed to a series of crimes which include drug trafficking, racketeering and multiple firearms offences.

Here is the full list:

  • Racketeering conspiracy
  • Firearms offence – racketeering conspiracy
  • Violent crime in aid of racketeering (Mar. 20, 2018)
  • Firearms offence (Mar. 20, 2018)
  • Violent crime in aid of racketeering (Apr. 3, 2018)
  • Firearms offence (Apr. 3, 2018)
  • Violent crime in aid of racketeering (Jun. 2, 2018)
  • Firearms offence (Jun. 2, 2018)
  • Narcotics trafficking