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Watch Teeth & Tongue's unique cover of The Smiths


You may not be well versed in the back catalogue of Teeth & Tongue, but the Australian indie rock band has been going strong since 2007, and they’ve had plenty of underground cult hits that have given them some of the appreciation they well deserve.

The band’s most recent album, Give Up On Your Health, produced some of their most popular hits like ‘Dianne’ and ‘When We Met’, but just slightly before they dropped that record, Teeth & Tongue momentarily changed direction.

The Smiths really need no introduction, and while some fans are a little over their sad boy aesthetic, they do remain a classic to many (myself included). Morrissey, before his foray into public enemy number one, boasted a unique voice like none other. It is this sound that made it impossibly difficult for The Smiths’ contemporaries to cover their music, as most tracks have Morrissey’s voice lingering in the fabric.

However, one way to make a cover your own is to add another unique voice into the picture, not unlike Jessica Claire Cornelius of Teeth & Tongue, which is wonderfully exhibited in their rendition of ‘There is a Light That Never Goes Out’. Of course, the song itself is already special, but it often seems that covers of The Smiths, in general, can fall flat by not only failing to mimic Morrissey’s unique charm but also struggling to introduce anything new to the recording. 

Teeth & Tongue bring an additional kick when they sat down in the studio to produce their own live cover. Cornelius’ voice is vastly different from Morrissey’s—she brings a low tone and a chill, whereas The Smiths frontman has a natural tone and rasp, both of which are unique to the point that they sound like different songs in their own right. 

This is a true cover—musicians taking a song and baking it with their own personality as an artist into the fabric of the arrangement in a captivating style. Even the video puts its own unique spin on the floral Morrissey callback that some people might miss.

If you want to take a listen to Teeth & Tongue’s magnificent cover of ‘There Is a Light That Never Goes Out’ by The Smiths, you can watch it down below.