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(Credit: Disney)


The technical innovations Pixar made for upcoming film 'Lightyear'

Pixar and Disney have received a lot of backlash over their silence about the Parental Rights in Education bill (known as the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill) in Florida as well as their censorship of LGBTQ+ content. Many employees cited Pixar’s upcoming project Lightyear as a prime example of this kind of censorship within the company.

According to the reports that recently emerged, the original screenplay for Lightyear had a consensual kissing scene between two female characters who fall in love but Pixar decided to remove it from the final cut. Thanks to the efforts of disgruntled employees and widespread public criticism, it was restored to the film once again.

Although Pixar has been working on a prequel for Toy Story’s iconic hero Buzz Lightyear, it looks as though the project is finally coming to fruition. Not only will it explore the toy astronaut’s previous life, the film is also using technological improvements in order to create the perfect IMAX experience for viewers.

Visual effects supervisor Jane Yen said: “Some other technical challenges for Lightyear that I’ll mention quickly include building Pixar’s first IMAX pipeline for film production. We created a virtual IMAX camera with a 1.43 aspect ratio and developed a pipeline to allow us to simultaneously shoot the film for IMAX and then crop down for our standard 2.39 format.”

Director Angus MacLane added: “The theatrical, the world of cinema is a lot different than it was when we started mostly because of Covid. And so whatever small part we can do to encourage people to go and support theatres is something that was really important to me. The IMAX of it, like that, came really early where I was like, can we just do this? That would be awesome.”

Watch the new trailer for Lightyear below.