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(Credit: Alamy)


Hear an isolated recording of Taylor Hawkins’ chest-thumping work ‘Best of You’


If you’re searching for proof of Taylor Hawkins’ genius, look no further. This isolated recording of the Foo Fighters drummer’s work on ‘Best Of You’ is all the proof you need: three and a half minutes of pure, chest-thumping percussive brilliance.

Featured on Foo Fighters’ 2005 album In Your Honour, ‘Best Of You’ sees Dave Grohl and company offer up one of the most optimistic rock anthems of the 2000s. The song’s opening line, “I’ve got another confession to make / I’m your fool / Everyone’s got their chains to break / Holding you”, is about as self-reflective as it comes, revealing a more vulnerable and introspective side to Grohl’s songwriting. The frontman goes on to observe that everyone, no matter who they are, is held down by something. Their own baggage. Their own “chains.” The best thing to do, Grohl suggests is to confront those secrets and self-doubts head-on.

The song was a hit on release, winning over the famously dismissive Prince, who performed the track during his 2007 Super Bowl halftime show. The Foo Fighters had themselves previously recorded a cover of Prince’s ‘Darling Nikki’. Apparently, Grohl and co had no idea the glam icon was going to perform their song. But as life-long Prince fans, they were bowled over by his support. Grohl would later confess that he didn’t even like the song when he first demoed it and had to be persuaded by his manager John Silva to record it for the album.

Hawkins’ drum track is the heart and soul of ‘Best Of You’. He begins by delivering a repeated triplet on the kick drum. This driving beat generates a wealth of momentum as the band moves toward the song’s euphoric chorus, at which point Hawkins unleashes a stream of Ringo Starr-style tom fills and cymbal crashes before diving into a slick metal-infused breakdown. Whether you’re an aspiring beginner or a learned pro, this isolated recording is essential listening for all drummers.