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Tangerines share single ‘1945’ ahead of their upcoming album

Peckham band, yes – Peckham, again, Tangerines possess something wholly different to their South London compatriots (Shame, HMLTD, Dead Pretties, Goat Girl etc), they hold a timeless quality which is best shown on their new single ‘1945’.

The new track is released ahead of their upcoming album Into The Flophouse which is out on May 12th via the brilliant RIP Records. Expected on the album is the classic retro sound that has become synonymous with Tangerines, their ability to blend a mixture of 60’s drenched hooks and licks with the flecks of modern nuance suggest a band in their moment.

‘1945’ showcases this with aplomb.Lyrics which ramble with a poetic majesty are placed on a pedestal as the track melts its way across the mid-century, all to finish in the right fucking now.

The band exude a sense of hip-shaking nostalgia, unabashed in their demonstration of what is easily labelled ‘good music’. Subjective as the art may be, the Tangerines sound is so easily determined as such that this album is a no-brainer.