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Tame Impala's GUM shares 'Couldn't See Past My Ego video'


Following his recent international headline tour – including a sold-out London show – Tame Impala/POND multi-instrumentalist GUM has shared the video for ‘Couldn’t See Past My Ego.’

The single is the latest from his The Underdog LP, out now via Spinning Top Records.

Shot on 35mm Fuji Film on the West Coast North Island of New Zealand, director Sam Kristofski said: “The concept never really came to us, we started filming because Jay only had a small window and the sun was setting, this is what happened. After we finished shooting we all had a sauna and knew we had filmed something special.”

Described as “an endlessly flexible musical polymath,” Watson’s ability to traverse multiple genres is evident in his latest sonic offerings. Mixed and recorded himself, GUM describes his fourth LP as “The soundtrack to a day in the life of GUM. Starting before going out at night, full of spirit and euphoria and feeling like it’s me against the world, before crashing and waking up riddled with anxiety and panic, only to build myself up to do it all again.”

Here it is: