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Credit: Abby Gilliardi/SxAnthony


Tame Impala's Kevin Parker says Alex Turner is "in another league to me as a songwriter"


During an interview with Beats 1 Radio’s Matt Wilkinson, Tame Impala leader Kevin Parker has said that he considers Arctic Monkeys’ frontman Alex Turner to be “in another league to me as a songwriter.”

As part of ‘5 Best Songs On Apple Music’ feature, Parker selected some of his favourite songs including Kanye West, Led Zeppelin and Daft Punk.

During the interview, Parker also shared some favourable words about the Sheffield musician, saying he was “in another league to me as a songwriter.”

Though Parker did suggest: “Absolutely. [Although] he can’t play the drums as good as me.” While both artists continue to flirt with the idea of working with one another, Parker suggested their location may come into play, as “live down the street from each other.”

He continued: “I was in his pool the other day. He wasn’t there at the time,” Parker said, then joking: “I didn’t jump his fence… Yeah. Jumped the fence. No, I didn’t.”

When asked about the idea of losing his songwriting mojo, Parker said: “At some point it’s got to dry up, right?” Reflecting on possible new material he added: “So I guess you’ve just got to enjoy it and make the most of it while you can. Don’t worry, I promise it [the next album] won’t take five years.”