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(Credit: Jay Watson)


Tame Impala’s Jay Watson discusses his new solo album as GUM


Tame Impala member, Jay Watson, has been discussing his new solo project while working under the moniker of GUM.

Watson, also affiliated with the band Pond, is preparing to release Out In The World’ his latest GUM effort which will arrive on June 12. To coincide with the news, Watson has also shared the single ‘Don’t Let It Go Out’.

“I’ve never really had any concern about it sounding like Tame Impala or Pond,” Watson told NME about going out alone. “I think because I’ve grown up with them, they are my friends and we’ve gone through our 20’s listening to a lot of the same music, hanging out and having the same in-jokes, it’s inevitable. It doesn’t bother me if the records sound like Tame Impala or Pond – it bothers me if they’re not up to the same standard.”

The new record, which has been inspired by what Watson has described as “a life-changing event” and contributes to a wide-ranging melding of themes: “It was very coincidental timing with what’s going on now,” e said. “My songs are never about an overly specific theme: at most it will be about trying to evoke a feeling. It gets difficult for me when I have to come up with a concept or an explanation for a song – I’ve never really been good at that. Kevin from Tame and Nick from Pond have always been good at that, but a lot of music for me is just a train of thought that makes sense later. I like using music to just dump emotions.”

He adds on the inspiration for the new material: “I’m one of those people that constantly listens to music and if I don’t, even for a couple of days, I get depressed. I can rattle off the influences for the album, but it would just go on forever. I hear little bits and pieces all through it from the stuff I was just listening to at the time I was recording to the stuff I liked when at 14. I was obsessed with Jimi Hendrix when I was younger and I can still hear bits in there.

“I couldn’t really describe the genre of my music anymore. I guess I’ve just settled into making music that sounds like me. We talk a lot about that in Pond and Tame: when we make stuff now, it just sort of sounds like us. It’s not like an obvious attempt at doing Led Zeppelin or Kraftwerk or something. We can just do our thing whereas for years, just because we were such little music nerds, it was always a deliberate attempt to reference something else.”

Read the full interview over at NME and stream the single, below