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Tame Impala have a new collaboration with Zhu


Tame Impala are collaborating with the EDM artist Zhu.

Zhu, who was on stage at Sony and China’s Tencent event aimed at celebrating the start of new electronic dance music label ‘Liquid State’, also announced details of the work with Tame Impala.

Tame Impala have been quiet since the release of 2015 record Currents, as all members of the band work on a series of side projects.

Not long ago, Zhu tweeted a teaser which suggested a new partnership with the band:

It is not yet known if the material will act as a single piece of work or if in fact the collaboration would fall on a new record.

Meanwhile Julien Barbagallo, the drummer of Tame Impala, has announced a new album under his alias Barbagallo.

Danse Dans Les Ailleurs (Dance in Other Worlds) on March 2 via Sony Music France/Arista. The new record is Barbagallo’s second release having put out album Grand Chien in 2016. 

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Barbagallo’s previous work has been mixed by Tame Impala band-mate Kevin Parker.

To coincide album news, Barbagallo has shared his new music video for single ‘L’échappée’ (The Breakaway), here it is: