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(Credit Tame Impala)


Watch Tame Impala cover an Edwyn Collins classic


Tame Impala have pulled off a handsome cover of Edwyn Collins’ ‘A Girl Like You’ while in session with Australian radio station Triple J.

The track is an indie dancefloor-filling classic and Kevin Parker led Tame Impala through a cover which pays beautiful tribute to the 1994 number without tearing apart what makes the anthem so delightful in the first place. Whilst Parker put his vocal through a filter that replicated the former Orange Juice frontman’s voice, Tame Impala did add a characteristic psychedelic twist to the track which makes it even more glorious.

“For me, it’s a really emotive song. It’s kind of bluesy and soulful, but for me melodically it’s more than that. It’s a really unique song because it doesn’t sound like it’s from any one particular time,” Parker said about the track in an interview following the performance.

The Australian group are becoming experts in the field of covers, having recently stepped back to 2006 to cover Nelly Furtado’s ‘Say It Right’ for Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show. Parker has made sure to pick the covers straight out of the left field and who knows exactly what Tame Impala will choose to reimagine next.

Meanwhile, Parker recently revealed details of an expanded deluxe edition of their debut album, Innerspeaker, which will be available in March to mark the record turning 10. The new edition will include new mixes of the tracks ‘Alter Ego’ and ‘Runway, Houses, City, Clouds’ as well as instrumentals, demos, and fans will also be able to hear previously unreleased side-long recording called ‘Wave House Live Jam’.

Check out Tame Impala’s cover of ‘A Girl Like You’, below.