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Tall Ships unveil ‘Petrichor’ video


Following the reveal of ‘Petrichor’ the latest track from the enigmatic Tall Ships we have been circling around wondering how the band may top this visceral and emotional track. Well they have done it with an equally incredible video.

The director Ben Phethean has created something equally magnificent with this new clip. He said of the video ”The clip is an exploration of anxiety and depression. It follows a day in the life of a young man struggling to cope with his internal dialogue. The whole video was filmed using a body-mounted camera rig to give the audience an intimate relationship with the actor and his journey. Like the video for Meditations On Loss, the video for Petrichor was a creative collaboration by family and friends of Tall Ships. It uses the same actor, incorporates similar themes and works in unison with its counterpart.”

Take a look below for the full effect.