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Is there a big Talking Heads announcement on the way?

Are the band, famed for changing so much of the attitude around rock and roll, New York’s Talking Heads due for a reunion? The band have launched their own Instagram account leading to a swirl of rumours.

A swirl we are happy to be caught up in, such is the fandom we have for Talking Heads here at the Far Out offices. We’re hoping it will be the band’s first work together since 2002 and not just a place for the band to put some great pics.

Talking Heads were last together in ’02 when they gave a very rare live performance for their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Previous speculation about a reunion has always been quickly dampened by the band’s enigmatic leader David Byrne, in 2017 he said that getting together would “probably be [taking] quite a number of steps backwards.”

But this hasn’t stopped fans from getting the rumour mill up and running once again as the launch of Instagram accounts in the past have usually led to similar reunions or vinyl collections. With 2020 marking the 40th anniversary of the band’s seminal record Remain In Light could there be something doubly special on the way?

The account hasn’t uploaded a post yet nor has it received the hallowed blue ticket of authentication from Instagram. Yet fans are still following the account in their masses including former band member Jerry Harrison.

We await confirmation from the band but for now, let’s enjoy the brilliant ‘Once In A Lifetime’.