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Talbot Adams - Chelsea


Talbot Adams. For most of us, the name is unlikely to ring any bells whatsoever, and I couldn’t blame you. I for one will admit that before a beautiful, serendipitous bout of internet browsing, it didn’t with me either; it was only after an impromptu urge to read more about Leonard Cohen (as you do) that this man and his brilliant arsenal of artistry was presented, but thank god (or the internet?!) it was as we may just have ourselves one of the anthems of this coming summer.

Taken from Adams’ eponymous latest record, ‘Chelsea’ is a dream of a tune reminiscent of early Dandy Warhol’s efforts and, to draw more recent comparisons, the hazy musical tonics and tones of Psychic Ills. Like a jasmine scented incense stick it’s a slow burner, apt maybe that the sentiment behind the track relates to kicking the carcinogenic, yet unbelievably satisfying habit of smoking.

Anyway we’ll keep this one short and sweet, and leave you in the company of the ever-elusive Oxford, Mississippi man Talbot Adams and ‘Chelsea’, the perfect companions for our sun-kissed Bank Holiday weekend and beyond.


Joshua Hevicon

Visit Talbot’s bandcamp page to listen to the rest of his album, where an in-depth interview with some cats over in the USA can also be found.