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Taking a look inside the oldest Chocolate shop in Paris

À la Mère de Famille in Paris, originally opened in 1761 in the 18th century. Opening in Montmartre, it created the first walk-in sweet haven for the people of Paris.

Situated 35 Rue Du , the place oozes history and has a immense selection of confectionery. The historic boutique has everything from nougats, bergamots, caramels pralines and marshmallow squares. Located there for 250 years it has not lost its old-style look. It has pendant lights like glassy stars. The orange-labelled gift boxes give it an air of class and their retro treats make it stand out from competitors.

Famed for its macarons as well as its main focus chocolate, À la Mère de Famille add fruit and fruity ganache for a unique taste. Their flavours in highest demand are pistachio, pine nut, coffee, vanilla and caramel.

Over the years, the shop has expanded and they now have over 11 versions in Paris today. Although it has expanded little has changed in this shop since it opened all those years ago. The classic style of sweet jars, antique furnishings, calligraphic shop front design and mosaic floor tiles give the customers little taste of history when they step into the store looking for some classic tastes of Paris. It seems the two-year-old expertise has got a winning formula as their ingredients and recipes have largely stayed the same.

They are true artisans and create their chocolate from the raw materials such as cocoa to chocolate and dried fruits to praline. They do try and keep with the times by changing aspects of their recipes to make sure there is sugary intake for people.

Here, we take a little look inside:

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