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Take a listen to ‘The Ladder’ the first release from Weird Dreams in 4 years


The first track to come from Weird Dreams since the incredible Choreogrpah. But this track is a notable departure from the surf inspired sound of old and takes on a whole new cinematic prospect with ‘The Ladder’. This track has such a sumptuous and lucid synth-pop sound we had to make it our Track of the Day.

Pillow muffled bass drums beat effortlessly as vocal refrains gently meander throughout the track hitting both high emotions and low feeling with every utterance – “Let The Ladders be” being a constant tone set across the sound.

Edwards says of the song “It’s been a long and short four years. Weird Dreams never stopped for me, it just became private. The songwriting was a near constant.

“There’s more music to share soon, but starting with ‘The Ladder’ now feels right, as it was the first song of real difference, and remained unfinished for a few years while I obsessed over an image that I began to pursue as sound on the last Weird Dreams song before this one (‘House of Secrets’) – the reflections of water on a swimming pool ceiling at night.

“For reasons that are still unclear, this imagined image of light and water moved me in a desperate time, distracting from what felt like the rest of the world falling away.”

It’s this use of poetic poignancy without poetic affection that makes Weird Dreams an essential part of your record collection. Now ‘the Ladder’ must reside there too.