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Taika Waititi names his favourite bands of all time

Taika Waititi, the beloved director from New Zealand, has emerged as a top name in the film industry due to his ability to construct magical and humorous cinematic universes within his works. Known for films such as Hunt for the Wilderpeople and Jojo Rabbit, Waititi has earned widespread critical acclaim and many accolades.

After the recent release of Thor: Love and Thunder, Waititi has been at the centre of public discourse once again because he is one of the few filmmakers working within the Marvel industrial complex who are trying to deviate from the strict formulae of the production studio. However, Love and Thunder received a mixed reception from critics who claimed that many of Waititi’s experiments failed.

In a recent interview, Waititi was asked about the use of music in Thor: Love and Thunder which featured multiple tracks by Guns N’ Roses. The director claimed that the use of the band’s songs was a very conscious decision because he was trying to tap into his own memories while putting a part of himself in the film.

Recalling some of his favourite childhood bands and the music that shaped his formative years in school, Waititi cited some of his all-time favourites: “I listened to everything. But at an early age I was like very much into like, AC/DC and then Guns N’ Roses. And then, you remember that mash-up with Public Enemy and Anthrax?”

“I was already a massive fan of Public Enemy and Metallica,” the director admitted, commenting on the genres that influenced him the most. “In the early ’90s, when I was at school, basically, those are the two music genres I would listen to, just metal and rap. And so that was, sort of, like the soundtrack to my childhood.”

Waititi also revealed that the music videos made by Guns N’ Roses still provide him with comfort and he continues to watch them on his own at night. According to the filmmaker, he prefers watching these old music videos instead of consuming pornographic material on popular websites like PornHub.

He revealed: “You know, I still go home late at night and instead of going on, you know, Pornhub, I’ll go and watch old GN’R music videos because I just loved the band. But I think I’m still in love with the band back when there was the band, you know, that band: Paradise City music video, like that stuff when the hair was long and it had been brushed, you know?”

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