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Table Scraps - Bug

Ah Wednesdays, they offer so much and yet so little. A day completely devoid of chracter in need of a massive shot in the arm. Thank fuck we have Brum outfit Table Scraps and their song ‘Bug’ as our Track of the Day to lighten your midweek mediocrity with a furious overspill of punk putridity.

With support roles for Fat White Family and The Amazing Snakeheads, the two most wretchedly brilliant bands south and north of the border it seems fitting that Table Scraps fall right in the middle of them (well, ish). Birmingham based, Table Scraps have a ferocity that is unparalleled in their native city, which has been the haziest place in the world of late with every Brum band looking to reverb their way to a record contract.

Table Scraps are anything but hazy, they are pumped up, black hearted urchins of the nanny state. A defiant deuce up to trends and hashtags, Table Scraps are the real fucking deal. Playing with punk genre, at times drenching it in echo and others drowning it with fuzz, their credibility can never be questioned.

‘Bug’ is the perfect example of this, it is 90 seconds (does it take any longer?) of frenetic garage rock which is delivered with such a vile veracity that duo Vincent Abbott and Poppy Twist have already firmly cemented a place in our cerebral cesspools, i’m sure they will creep their way in to yours soon.

Out August 11th via the band’s own Hells Teeth label.

Jack Whatley