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Swerve give us a taste of the new EP with ‘Daydream’


If you were expecting something other than a lo-fi tripping track of hazy vocals and delicately distorted guitar lines form Birmingham’s SWERVE on ‘Daydream’ we are here to disappoint you. If you wanted all those things in spades, well god damn, you are in luck.

The bubbling ‘Daydream’ meanders through melancholy and happiness and ends in a delightful tune fit for any purpose. Starry and escapist as well as poignantly personal. The riffs worm their way across the track and dodge the crunching percussion.

Taken from Swerve EP which is due out on the band’s own label on 26th February the single was mixed by Theo Verney at Chruch Road Studios, Brighton.

‘Daydream’ is quite simply that.