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SWEDISH DEATH CANDY get killer on ‘Won’t Be Long’


Ahead of what’s due to be a killer evening of very packed, stacked and loud rock and roll at London’s Shacklewell Arms on May 20th .Hassle Records to bring you ‘Won’t be long’, a brand new single by the colossal and totally diverse rockers SWEDISH DEATH CANDY.

They’re four riff shamans from a few different corners of this planet but in no way coming off as lazy Electric Wizard clones, crafting all manner of heavy blues and heavier psych in a giant cast-metal kiln, the end result from this particular forging is a 3 minute metric tonne of rock entitled ‘Won’t be long’.

Described by guitarist/vocalist Louis Perry as a “messed up Beach Boys song”, the best thing about this particular thrasher is the documentation of how the band can perfectly pay tribute to the oldies without sounding dated, and make something contemporary that isn’t tasting the same as whatever is the flavour of the month this May. There’s a hefty nod specifically in the rhythm and feel of the classic sounds of Kyuss and Black Sabbath though the band are just as quick to throw in huge harmonised guitar choruses much like the new californian shredders in WAND and The Meatbodies.

Caked in the same reverb certain ‘new heavy garage’ lords like Ty Segall employ and doused in heavy amp saturation that’ll make even the most die hard Blue Cheer/Sir Lord Baltimore fans wince with that special weird feeling a good riff gives, Swedish Death Candy can certainly be stacked on to the pile of monoliths that inspire us mere humans to kick out the jams. Tune in, turn on and rock out.