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Superfood - You Can Believe


Superfood unleash a new single speckled with a kaleidoscopic video and the sound of a 90’s blender whirring at full tilt. Filled to the brim with drips of madchester and the best bits of Blur all rounded off with a dash of Oasis and the apathetic glee of a naughty teenager taking their first sip of Hooch. Needless to say ‘You Can Believe’ is our Track of the day.

It’s become a real buzzword of late, ‘90’s’. It has the power (normally depending on your generational viewpoint) to either attract or repel you. Usually because either a) you didn’t really see it or experience the 90’s but you have this longing for it’s warm and comfy nostalgia like a big baggy jumper splashed with whatever brand you decided to advertise for free. Or b) it may repel you because you do remember it and you did experience it in all its big-baggy-jumper-adorned-with-a brand-you-decide-to-advertise-for-free glory.

Whichever your viewpoint, the one thing that can be agreed on is the music was pretty fucking decent. Which is why we still get excited in the office for bands like Superfood, whom are genuinely influenced by an era which speaks to them directly. There’s no pretense or pre-conceived notion of ‘what will sell’ moreover a sense of self prevails from Superfood in all its baggy effervescent beauty and tracks like ‘You Can Believe’ speak volumes for that. Peppered with heavy bass and the odd twang of a rogue riff and drenched in reverb vocals it screams Britpop but doesn’t depend on it.

The track has the dip and duck of a Manchester band but with the normality of a southern sound. There’s no rock-n-roll sneering or hints of copious drugs use but just a simple song with a great rhythm that is designed to move your feet quicker than your brain can digest it. The 90’s buzzword will be around a little longer before it naturally dies off but what won’t die off is the talent that bands like Superfood possess – in big baggy bundles.

Catch Superfood here, there and wherever else it says below.

6h Feb – Magnet, Berlin
7th Feb – Molotow, Hamburg
10th Feb, – Botanique, Brussels
11th Feb – Paradiso, Amsterdam
12th Feb – Rotown, Rotterdam
17th Feb – Point FMR, Paris
8th April – Rainbow Warehouse, Birmingham
9th April – Heaven, London 


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Jack Whatley