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Superfood mature on new album 'Bambino'

'Bambino' - Superfood

2014’s Don’t Say That will go down in the history books (Wikipedia at least) as Superfood’s debut album. Nothing can change that. But any keen fan will understand after one listening that Bambino, the second record, will be the beginning of Superfood.

Don’t Say That was Superfood in their adolescence, they were exciting and raw but a little clunky and almost certainly rushed. But from the first bars of opener ‘Where’s The Bass Amp’ we are quickly assured that this will not be a repeat of 2014, this is a new band with a new idea; a new direction. That direction is straight in to your ear, controlling your feet one wobbly step at a time, taking you to the dance floor. It’s incredibly hard to resist.

That’s not to say it is all pills, trhills and bellyaches on this album, Superfood market a certain amount of restraint across the record, lead single ‘Double Dutch’ with its wooziness and subtlety is a great example of this. What we see now is the duo are using all of the inspiration at their finger tips. They’ve avoided making a playlist of ‘bangers’ and have instead made an LP for Superfood to be proud of.

They’ve done so by splicing virtually every genre you could think of and creating a super-mutant capable of seeing your night through from pre-game to the afters and on to the morning of the night before. ‘Need A Little Spider’ is britpop indie of the highest caliber (a doff of the cap to 2014 perhaps), while ‘Natural Supersoul’ is pure summer vibes, and ‘C is For Colour’ relies purely on instrumentals for the soundscape. All are done with a confidence and swagger that lays across the whole piece of work.

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But with all that in mind, it is an album which has a cohesive feel. True enough that the band’s influences are large and varying, and also true enough that most of them feature on Bambino in some form or another, but I defy you to show me anybody these days who is part of any one-genre club. It just doesn’t happen anymore.

Nobody is bound by one genre, and certainly not Superfood. Bambino is Superfood but older, wiser, stronger and entirely more mature. Happy Birthday Superfood and thanks for our present.