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Music Video Premiere:

Premiere: Sunny Bones share animated 'Echoes Of You' visuals


Americana-tinged duo Sunny Bones have released the video for their new single ‘Echoes Of You’, which is premiering here on Far Out.

The group, made up of Helen Anderson and Ben Asker, previously worked together through their old band Box Of Light. When that became a thing of the past, the two artists decided that they still wanted to work together and began experimenting, leading to Sunny Bones’ formation, before emerging at the back end of 2020 with their debut single ‘Be Cool’.

‘Echoes Of You’ is the Sunny Bones’ second track to date, and the animated video captures the band taking flight on a road trip across the West Coast. Things then get sketchy on the journey after picking up a hazardous hitchhiker, whose chain-smoking habits lead to an eruption of flames and utter disaster.

Commenting on the single, singer Helen Anderson says: “‘Echoes of You’ is about that feeling you get when you’re in a new happy relationship, but the memories of your ex creep in and haunt you, which make you confused and question your feelings. Love is a complex subject and can rear its head when you least expect it or at times of vulnerability, often distorting facts and memories to suit a narrative that you prefer as to the reality.”

The Norfolk duo linked up with fellow Norwich artist Phil Whitton to create the video, which Whitten interspersed with the band’s performance.

Commenting on the video, Anderson says: “As the song talks of invasive conflicting memories, the video mirrors this, by telling the story of a strange sinister hitch hiker turning their beautiful drive, into chaos and destruction.”

Check out the captivating visuals for ‘Echoes Of You’, below.