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Sunless 97 channel pop through new track ‘Life’


Sunless 97 comprised of duo Alice Davies and Ed Leeson (formerly of Larrikin Love) have pushed their yearning sound of touching pop songs through modern mincers to make a patty full of r’n’b licks, grime hooks and at the heart of it all, well, heart.

The band stray from the usual Far Out fodder with this kind of intelligent and heartfelt pop, using their inter-playing vocals to create a love story worth listening to and, more importantly, compulsively dancing to.

“We are driven by melody’ says Alice. ‘These l tracks are more stripped back, so everything can be heard production wise. We sold any hardware instruments we had for cash so all we had left was our laptop’.

This leaves the music stripped back and raw, neon drenched and covered in smut it reeks of the midnight madness we all love.